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About Us

Bordo Group is one of the rapidly growing service and investment group in Turkey. It's foundation is with the establishment of Bordo Architecture 15 years ago. Bordo Group companies today operates in major business with segments of Architecture, ready-mixed concrete, paper, aviation and tourism.

Bordo Group applies the "corporate governance" principles of long-term and lasting success as a requirement. Employees are successful professionals establishing long-term relationships based on trust and full of energy, integrity, experience on business processes.

Our Vision:
To become a world company creating a sustainable profitability with an innovative approach to products, services and solutions.

Our Mission:
İs to grow by generating value for society and the country without compromising our quality and ethical values.

We expect our employees, customers and our business partners to rely on us and execute our relationships based on the principles of honesty for a long-term.

Customer Satisfaction:
Services and solutions we offer our customers make their productivity increase and grow to reach their goals in a short time. We work customer oriented and develop ourselves according to our customer's requirements.

Eager To Success:
All activities set the standart in our field and aim to be the best, we aim to make a difference always doing better than ourselves and our competitors.

Constantly competing with ourselves, we believe in the power of innovation. We are continually learning how to develop ourselves and gain speed.

We generate new ideas and business areas consistently aiming the highest.


Bordo Architecture and Construction offers new working methods with its experience which are equipped with decorating, architecture and interior design customers cannot refuse and makes a difference using quality, luxury, aesthetics, ergonomics and optimality with contemporary designs in modern structures.

Bordo Architecture and Construction under Bordo Group umbrella has many achievements with the projects of decoration, architectural and interior design in Turkey and abroad so far. It suits conditions and requirements of the construction industry aiming to keep pace with the aesthetics, quality and originality in the modern buildings. These principles are introduced with all the expectations of the investors in mind, these techniques are created bringing together with functional architectural and interior design projects.

Personal safety and quality of life are the priorities in each project where the brand of Bordo Architecture and Construction exists.


Bordo Paper imports 150-600 Gsm range of high-strength Testliner/Fluting/Coreboard quality products through representing paper producers in Europe, USA and the Middle-East and meets the expectations of customers in the sectors of bobbin, cylindrical tube, printing, packaging, etc. Serving of high-standart in domestic market.

Bordo paper operates all activities aiming the hundred percent satisfaction of customers. Bordo paper considers the requests, complaints and suggestions of customers and replies them according to the market demand and economic conditions in a reliable, fastest and systematic way.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the quality, every phase of the process from ordering to usage by customer is registered and followed in accordance with defined procedures and instructions. Quality of goods and delivery time is not compromised in any way whilst fufilling customer expectations.

Ready-Mixed Concrete

Bordo Architecture and Construction is an Authorized Dealer of Kipaş Holding KÇS ready-mixed Concrete brand in Adana region. Our company continues and develops its activities for the ready-mixed concrete industry in Turkey giving a high intermediary services in accordance with international standarts and quality consciousness.

Although regional structuring causes each concrete facility sales, with confidence of KÇS ready-mixed brand, considerable productions and operations are carried out in the constructions of almost all settlements with business and industrial sites in Adana region.

Our company supplies the fast shipment of ready-mixed concrete where Adana region requires with the quality equipment and expert team within the great trust and expands its sales range in this direction.


Our company with the tender of fire fighting regulated by General Directorate of Forestry carries out under a joint project with Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry using helicopters and amphibious aircrafts allocated to the service of GDF for fire fighting from the air in Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and neighboring countries and executes successful operations and fire fighting activities proving how a pioneer and full of capacity it is.


Adamira Tourism Investments aims to provide lasting comfort and service and make up a principle with hotel investments planning to announce its brand of the country and across the globe by making Turkish and the world people feel like more peaceful and safe even from their own homes and responding for all kinds of needs.

Although Adamira Tourism Investments is a new formation under Bordo Group with full of experience, incontestable financial structure and administrative and technical team presents and shows its customers the consciousness of what the modern world is supposed to require making awareness with its activities.

Adamira Tourism Investments plan to raise the standart of its services considering the components like health, culture, faith, income range, business which forms the quality of life of its customers.



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